how music can help your dog

how music can help your dog

  • How Being A Clean Country Music Song Writer Can Help You Become More Marketable

    If you have been writing songs for a long time and feel confident enough to start branching out and pitching your music to singers, you may wonder where to start and how to increase your chance of landing that first important opportunity. Unique and fresh talent is always a plus, but the style of music can also play a role. Cleaning up your music can help make you be more marketable and more likely to land a great deal.

  • 3 Features to Look for When Choosing an Online Drum Track Recording Studio to Utilize

    Are you in the market for an online drum track recording studio to make use of? Here are a few features to look for when choosing an option to invest in: A Free Trial One important feature to look for when choosing a new online drum track recording studio to invest in is a free trial of some kind. You can read all about the functions and capabilities of a system, but until you use it you cannot possibly know whether the system will truly meet all your music-making needs as time goes on.

  • 3 Important Piano Care Tips

    There are many reasons to purchase a piano. Maybe you love music and want to brush up on your piano-playing skills. Or you bought a piano because your children want to take lessons. Whatever the reason, a piano is a great addition to your home. Now that you have made such a wonderful investment, you'll want to do everything you can to take care of your piano. Here are three important piano care tips that will ensure your piano lasts for many years.

  • Five Things To Consider When Choosing Your Radio Streaming Service

    Studies show that Americans listen to music an average of 26.9 hours a week. People often listen while working, traveling, or relaxing. Private music collections are becoming less common as more people sign up for radio streaming services. When choosing a music radio streaming service, there is no shortage of options available. From big-name services to smaller, niche services, each provider offers something different that might interest you. Below are some of the most common things you should consider before committing to a single provider.

  • Tips for Becoming a Successful Rapper

    The rap industry is still just as popular as it was a couple of decades ago. Thus, a lot of people are pursuing rap careers because it can be an exciting journey if you do the right things. If you're hoping to become a rapper who has an impact on this industry, these paths to success are key to take. Hire Staff You Trust It's often said it's a long way to the top in any music genre and that rings true in the rap industry.

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    how music can help your dog

    Do you have dogs in the home that suffer from anxiety? If so, have you ever tried playing soothing music during the times that the anxiety seems to be at its worst? I had a dog that would literally dig his way through walls when he couldn't see any of the family around. After reading some articles about the calming effects of music on a dog, I began leaving a radio on in my bedroom with him when I had to go to work. It did the trick. Continue reading what I have included here on my blog to learn more about the effects of music on your dog.