how music can help your dog

how music can help your dog

Beginners Tips For Getting Off To A Great Start With The New Electric Guitar You Got For A Gift

by Samu Koskela

If you received an electric guitar as a gift, you are probably excited to be holding such a beautiful piece of musical equipment in your hands. You have likely spent the first moments after opening it just admiring it and dreaming about all those fabulous guitar riffs you cannot wait to play. Following a few tips can help you get off to a great start on your guitar journey.

Get a metronome

Ask any guitar player and they will tell you the right timing is crucial for success. A metronome will help you keep the right timing when playing those fun guitar solos. The more you practice with a metronome, the faster you will become a time-keeping pro.

Sign up for lessons

There is nothing like good guitar lessons to help you learn the correct way to play essential chords and scales, which are the foundation of good guitar playing. There are many excellent guitar lessons available online or in-person that will teach you all you need to build your confidence and excel in your playing skills. You can choose guitar lessons geared for specific genres so you can learn to play the music you love.

Learn to use an amp

Guitar amplifiers can feel somewhat intimidating for beginners, but you do not have to let all those controls overwhelm you. Take the time to learn the functions of your amp before you start playing. Once you understand the settings and controls, you will be able to set up the amp to get the best sound out of your guitar.

Establish a practice routine

Ask any famous guitar player how they got where they are, and they will likely tell you it was with a lot of sore fingers and practice. The best equipment and lessons will not make you a good guitar player if you only pick up your guitar sporadically. Choose a time to practice, every day if possible, and treat it like an appointment you cannot miss.

Electric guitars are gorgeous musical instruments and the sound they create is hard not to fall in love with. If you have been gifted a guitar, you probably want to jump right in and start practicing. However, taking the time to make sure you have all the right accessories and equipment for success will get you off to a great start towards playing those attention-grabbing riffs. Visit the store you got your electric guitar from, too, to get more advice from the staff. 


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how music can help your dog

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