how music can help your dog

how music can help your dog

Six Problems You Might Have If You Don't Get Your Piano Tuned When You Should

by Samu Koskela

Periodic piano tuning is essential for any piano owner. Neglecting tuning can create a lot of pesky problems for piano owners.

The following are six problems you might have if you don't get your piano tuned when you should. 

Your piano could have poor sound quality.

The number one consequence of neglecting tuning is that your piano is not going to sound as good as it should. Any piano is going to eventually become out of tune if it is not tuned at some point. Pianos might go out of tune surprisingly quickly if they are subjected to certain changes in temperature and humidity.

The best way to ensure that your piano always offers optimal sound quality is to have your piano tuned as often as recommended. 

Your piano's strings could age faster.

When your piano is tuned, the tuner will look at the piano strings. During this inspection, your tuner will become aware of any irregularities in the strings that need to be addressed. This could ensure that strings get the maintenance they need before they start to wear out. 

Your piano could drop in value.

A piano is a valuable asset. You might want to sell your piano down the road and replace it with a new piano. When this happens, you're going to hope that your piano has retained its value well.

Neglecting piano tuning can make it so that your piano loses its value faster than it should. Prospective piano buyers want to know how often a piano has been tuned. They may not be as willing to buy a piano if it has not been adequately maintained with regular tuning. 

Your playing could suffer as you hear improper pitches while you play.

What you hear when you play has an impact on how you learn to play the piano. If you become accustomed to playing on a piano that is out of tune, this could negatively impact your playing. That's why regular tuning is important especially on a piano that someone is learning to play on. 

Your piano could have expensive repair needs that could have been prevented.

The piano inspection is an important part of a tuning appointment. As with any piece of mechanical equipment, a piano works best and lasts longest when faulty parts are replaced or repaired immediately when necessary.

If you don't have your piano inspected by a professional during tuning, it could be in need of repair and you don't realize it. This could cause your piano to develop worsening malfunctions until it malfunctions so badly that it needs costly repairs. Piano tuning could therefore potentially save you money long term. 

You might lack confidence while playing because you're unsure of pitch accuracy.

Being confident is essential for playing the piano well. If you doubt the accuracy of your piano's pitch, you might feel more hesitant while playing. Having regular tuning done gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your piano is pitch-perfect. This leads to greater confidence when you play. 


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how music can help your dog

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