how music can help your dog

how music can help your dog

Reasons To Hire A Singing Guitarist

by Samu Koskela

There are many reasons you might decide to hire a singing guitarist, and there are many of them around. The guitar is one of the best instruments to sing along to because it can play many different parts of a song, like rhythm sections, chords, bass, melody, etc. Many singers decide to learn to play guitar so they can perform complete songs without needing other musicians. 

Here are some reasons you might decide to hire a singing guitarist:

For Your Establishment

If you own or manage a bar, restaurant, etc., you might want someone there playing music to entertain your patrons. Rather than hiring a full band to play songs, you can hire one singing guitarist instead. They can play full songs to entertain your customers, and it's much more entertaining than simply having someone playing an instrument without vocals. 

For an Event

If you're having a wedding, graduation party, work party, etc., you may decide to hire a singing guitarist to provide the entertainment. It's a great alternative to hiring an entire band and may cost you a little less. Another advantage of hiring a singing guitarist over a full band is that it's usually easier to hear what they're saying since there aren't many other instruments drowning out the vocals.

As an Opening Act

If you're an entertainer who performs live, you may need to find an opening act for your shows. Depending on your art type, it might make sense to hire a singing guitarist to warm up the crowd for you before you perform. A singing guitarist makes a great opener if you also play music, or if you think having a musical act as an opener will prepare the crowd for your performance. 

For a Studio Session

It's not unusual for a music producer, band, recording artist, etc., to hire studio musicians to help them create a song. Singing guitarists make great studio musicians because they can create musical sections with their guitar and vocal performance. It means you only need to hire one person rather than a separate guitarist and vocalist. 

For Learning Purposes

If you want to learn to sing or play guitar, you might hire an experienced guitarist or singer as a teacher. However, if you want to learn both skills, you'd be better off hiring someone who does both. Singing while playing guitar differs from doing both separately, so learning from a singing guitarist is helpful. 

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how music can help your dog

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