how music can help your dog

how music can help your dog

  • Three Things To Buy When You Get Your First Guitar

    When you begin to show interest in playing the guitar, you might end up with a hand-me-down model from a parent or other family member. Once you've played a bit on this old instrument and know that you want to pursue this hobby, it's time to save up some money and buy your first guitar. The route you take to buy your first guitar can vary greatly depending on what genre of music you enjoy playing.

  • 3 Traits To Check For In Your Student Violin

    If you are purchasing your first violin to learn on, you may be overwhelmed by the number of choices and the wide variety in price currently available. Generally, a student violin is less expensive than a professional violin. However, it is still important that it produces a quality sound in order to learn on it and to keep your motivation to continue playing. You may be surprised by how inexpensive a decent student violin can be.

  • DIY Maintenance Projects Beginners Should Avoid

    With easy access to information online through video examples, blog posts and "how to" websites, anyone can try their hand at DIY projects to complete at-home car care maintenance. While something simple like changing your oil may be easy enough to execute on your own, other projects should be left to the professionals. Whether it is due to a lack of knowledge or the fact that the average car owner doesn't have the right tools to get the job done, there are some DIY tutorials that you should avoid when caring for your vehicle.

  • Celebrating Everything Irish: Five Famous Irish Folk Songs You Cannot Do Without And Why

    The next time you have an Irish wedding, or celebrate St. Patrick's Day, be sure you go all in, or you may be accused of "not doing this right." That includes Irish food, Irish ale, and of course, famous Irish folk songs with Irish folk dancing. Here are five celebrated Irish folk songs you cannot do without and why. 1. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Perhaps the one song most synonymous with being Irish, this one is especially nice to sing along to at an Irish wedding because it reminds guests that the Irish bride and/or Irish groom are so happy that their "

  • Violin Or Viola: Which To Choose For Your Child

    If your young child has expressed an interest in learning a musical instrument, you may decide to start them on a string instrument. String instruments, such as the violin are especially popular for young children because they do not require advanced breath-support that wind instruments require, and they are made in small sizes that can allow even the youngest children to begin learning them. While most parents automatically select the violin as the most popular beginning string instrument, there are several reasons why you should consider the viola as well.

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    how music can help your dog

    Do you have dogs in the home that suffer from anxiety? If so, have you ever tried playing soothing music during the times that the anxiety seems to be at its worst? I had a dog that would literally dig his way through walls when he couldn't see any of the family around. After reading some articles about the calming effects of music on a dog, I began leaving a radio on in my bedroom with him when I had to go to work. It did the trick. Continue reading what I have included here on my blog to learn more about the effects of music on your dog.