how music can help your dog

how music can help your dog

Three Things To Buy When You Get Your First Guitar

by Samu Koskela

When you begin to show interest in playing the guitar, you might end up with a hand-me-down model from a parent or other family member. Once you've played a bit on this old instrument and know that you want to pursue this hobby, it's time to save up some money and buy your first guitar. The route you take to buy your first guitar can vary greatly depending on what genre of music you enjoy playing. Electric guitars are suitable for several styles, including rock and blues, while acoustic guitars are ideal for pop, folk, and country. Regardless of the approach that you wish to take, be sure to include these three things alongside your guitar purchase.


Few things will frustrate a novice guitar player more quickly than a guitar that goes out of tune quickly. Whether you're buying electric or acoustic, make sure that you pick up a tuner at the same time. Guitar tuners are available in several different styles. A common model clips onto the back of the headstock of the guitar and features a small screen that indicates whether each note is in tune. This type of tuner is suitable for electric and acoustic guitars. If you're buying an electric guitar, another option is a tuning pedal. Many small practice amps are also equipped with built-in tuners.

Replacement Strings

The guitar you buy will come with a set of strings on it, but if the guitar has been hanging on the wall of the store for some time, these strings might not have much life left in them. To get the most out of your sound -- and avoid the annoyance of breaking a string soon after you begin playing your new instrument at home -- be sure to buy a replacement set of strings. There are many different string brands and gauges to consider; generally, light- or medium-gauge strings are suitable for novice players.

Guitar Care Products

It's also beneficial to pick up a couple products to help you care for your guitar. For an acoustic guitar, a humidifier that sits in the sound hole will keep the guitar at the desired humidity level. Fretboard oil is ideal for electric and acoustic guitars; it keeps the fretboard clean and removes the grime that accumulates when you play. Guitar polish and a microfiber cloth can remove the oils from your body that can leave smudges on the body of the guitar.

For more information, talk to a guitar store.


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how music can help your dog

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