how music can help your dog

how music can help your dog

  • 3 Ways To Make Your Piano Practice A More Positive Experience

    Learning to play the piano is an important life skill. Learning music can benefit your life in so many more ways than just mastering a musical instrument. Music can positively impact many other areas of you life, which is why so many professionals recommend making music a part of everyday life. However, if you, or your child, is learning how to play the piano you might be wondering what you can to make practicing a more positive experience and get better results.

  • Dress For Success: Why You Need To Watch What You Wear In A Recording Studio

    If you're about to start recording something in a studio, be it music or voice, you're not going to be too worried about how snazzy you look. Chances are you'll be dressed very casually to ensure you're comfortable, you're not getting overheated, and so on. But you still need to be careful about what you wear. Not for looks -- for sound. Many materials can make rustling sounds that wreak havoc on the recording.

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    how music can help your dog

    Do you have dogs in the home that suffer from anxiety? If so, have you ever tried playing soothing music during the times that the anxiety seems to be at its worst? I had a dog that would literally dig his way through walls when he couldn't see any of the family around. After reading some articles about the calming effects of music on a dog, I began leaving a radio on in my bedroom with him when I had to go to work. It did the trick. Continue reading what I have included here on my blog to learn more about the effects of music on your dog.