how music can help your dog

how music can help your dog

4 Questions To Ask A Prospective Piano Teacher

by Samu Koskela

It's never too late to learn a new skill, and learning to play the piano is no exception. There are many avenues available to you for learning how to play the piano, ranging from classes at a local community college to private lessons at home. If you'd prefer one-on-one instruction, lessons with an experienced instructor may be best for you. Before you hire a piano teacher, however, there are a few questions worth asking them.

Will They Come to Your Home?

Start by making sure the teacher will be available to come to your home. Some one-on-one teachers will prefer to have students come to their home or studio because they already have the equipment set up there. However, some teachers may be a little more flexible, especially if you have a decent piano or keyboard set up at your home. 

How Often Do You Need to Practice?

In addition to one-on-one lessons at your agreed-upon time, you'll also need to set up a time for practicing what you've learned. While interviewing a potential piano teacher, be sure to ask them how much time each week you'll be expected to practice. This will help you get a better feel for how well you'll be able to fit this into your schedule. Just remember that an experienced piano teacher will be able to tell whether or not you've been practicing.

Do They Have Any References?

Hopefully, the teacher you're considering has taught other beginners in the past. Be sure to ask for a list of references with contact information so you can personally reach out and speak to some people who have worked with this teacher in the past. This is a great way to get a better feel for what to expect from your piano teacher.

Will They Hold Any Recitals?

Some piano teachers are able to host recitals, which give you an opportunity to show off what you've learned in an authentic setting in front of a live audience. If this is something your teacher will be able to offer, be sure to find out how many recitals you'll be involved in and the prospective dates for each one ahead of time.

Learning how to play the piano can be very rewarding at any age, and it all begins with finding the right teacher. By taking the time to ask these questions, you'll be able to select a piano teacher with confidence.

For more information about home piano lessons, reach out to a local music teacher.


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how music can help your dog

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