how music can help your dog

how music can help your dog

7 Abilities You Will Develop If You Take Voice Lessons

by Samu Koskela

If you've never taken a voice lesson before, you might not realize all the different abilities that are needed to sing optimally. When you take voice lessons, your instructor will help you improve your singing in many different ways.

The following are seven abilities you will develop or enhance if you take voice lessons

Reading music

A good singer needs to know how to read music. You should be able to look at a piece of sheet music and use it to sing a song you are unfamiliar with exactly as it was composed to be performed.

If you've never taken any music lessons before, you probably don't understand music notation. Voice lessons should include instruction on how to read music so that you can eventually develop a complete understanding of music notation. 


Breathing is one of the first abilities an instructor will work on with a student during voice lessons. Singers need to learn how to breathe in through the diaphragm so that they can maximize the quantity of air they have available while also being able to properly use their muscles to provide needed support. 

Achieving accurate intonation

Intonation means the ability to sing at the proper pitch for a particular musical piece. Most singers need to develop their ability to stay in tune by practicing. Voice lesson instructors have exercises that they have developed that allow singers to achieve precision when it comes to intonation. 

Maintaining proper posture

Singers should know the proper posture for singing. They should also be trained so that they can unconsciously maintain this posture when they perform. Singers are trained to maintain a tall singing posture that allows for the best possible voice projection and quality of tone during performances. 

Achieving good diction

Singers should know how to sing with proper diction so that listeners can understand the lyrics of the songs they sing. During voice lessons, the instructor carries out diction exercises with the student to improve the clarity of the singer's singing voice. 

Being confident when performing in front of others

If you've never taken voice lessons, you might not yet be comfortable or experienced when it comes to singing in front of others. One of the many important abilities you'll develop during voice lessons is having confidence when you perform. 

Voice lessons give you an opportunity to sing in front of others regularly to avoid stage fright and shyness when you perform.

Increasing your volume

A good singer doesn't rely on a microphone to project his or her voice. Expert singers know how to sing to achieve high volume without sounding like they are straining their voice. 


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how music can help your dog

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