how music can help your dog

how music can help your dog

Reasons To Attend A Guitar Auction If You're A Collector

by Samu Koskela

Most guitar collectors are frequently looking for ways to add new instruments to their collection, but shopping at local music stores and online aren't necessarily your only choices. When possible, it's ideal if you're able to attend a guitar auction — or, if you can't find an auction that exclusively focuses on guitars, even one that deals with instruments can be worthwhile to check out. Such auctions often have a variety of vintage instruments, so your chance of finding something that you can purchase is high. Here are some reasons to look for additions to your vintage guitar collection in this way.

Rare Guitars

Collecting vintage guitars can be difficult because instruments manufactured several decades ago are usually sparsely available today. Sellers know that the auction format can often bring in a lot of money and will often sell their vintage instruments through auction houses. This means that when you attend a guitar auction, there's a good chance that you'll see some rare guitars — perhaps even including some types that you've never seen in the past.

A Chance For A Deal

When you shop for a vintage guitar online, you're competing with other sellers from around the world. Depending on the desirability of an instrument, scores of people may be bidding on it — and this can cause the price to skyrocket quickly. A benefit of shopping for a guitar at a guitar auction is that there are limited bidders. Even if the auction is well attended, it's probable that there will be fewer bidders than in an online auction. This can often mean that you're able to buy an instrument for under its market value.

An Opportunity To Get New Ideas

It's common for vintage guitar collectors to have specific focuses when it comes to their collection. For example, one collector might only buy guitars from a certain manufacturer, while another may focus on instruments from a specific era. If you're not attached to any one collecting approach but are more interested in just adding unique instruments, an auction setting can be useful. In this environment, you may get a chance to see different instruments that you perhaps hadn't recently thought about, and this may compel you to focus on buying some of them for your collection. It can be exciting and enjoyable to browse the auction before the bidding starts and take note of all of the options in front of you.


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how music can help your dog

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