how music can help your dog

how music can help your dog

3 Ways To Make Your Piano Practice A More Positive Experience

by Samu Koskela

Learning to play the piano is an important life skill. Learning music can benefit your life in so many more ways than just mastering a musical instrument. Music can positively impact many other areas of you life, which is why so many professionals recommend making music a part of everyday life. However, if you, or your child, is learning how to play the piano you might be wondering what you can to make practicing a more positive experience and get better results. Here are a couple tips.

1. Don't Take Away The Struggle

When an individual is learning a new skill it is important that they reason and struggle through it. For example, as your child is practicing the piano and having a hard time with one part you may be tempted to go in and just show them how to do it so that they can get done quicker. Although this may help, it takes away the valuable experience of them figuring it out. This doesn't mean you should let the child struggle for hours, but letting them take a couple minutes to try and figure it out for themselves will be healthy. When you do help, try to give clues along the way rather than solve the whole puzzle for them.

2. Focus More On Reaching Goals Then Meeting Time Requirements

Some people get into the rut of thinking that practicing is all about meeting time requirements. Although 30 minutes of practice will generally be helpful, it is even better to have milestones to reach then just playing the songs for a certain amount of time. For example, choose to practice 8 measures perfectly then you can move on. You should have practice goals each day. Once you accomplish those goals you can end your practice for that day.

3. Be Patient and Flexible

Although you may be tempted to say that you or your child needs to practice everyday without exception, this is not realistic and can put a frustrating pressure on the individual. Be patient and flexible. Recognize that some times it is important to be motivated and want to practice to get results. This doesn't mean that should only practice when you want to, but if you are having a particularly bad day, it is ok to take a day off and resume the next day. Everyone needs time to rejuvenate.

By doing these things you can make your practice more meaningful and more enjoyable. Talk to a local piano instructor or retailer for more info.


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how music can help your dog

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